This project is based on the D&AD new blood awards, 21 grams brief.

Why does this project exist?
My goal is to make people with dark skin aware that they can get skin cancer too and prevent it by checking their moles regularly. I wanted to raise awareness in a fun way that would appeal to a young demographic. The main message of this campaign is to check your moles regularly!
I wanted a solution that made people aware of melanoma and the changes it makes to moles. When researching, I noticed the pictures of melanoma were quite gruesome so I wondered ' How can I make the viewer look at moles for more than 2 seconds?'. I made an app with 3 simple steps, Play, Learn, Check. Scroll to learn more!

Whack a mole, is a fun game that has different mole characters. The characters are the cancer detection types of changes in moles that could be cancer. There’s four characters, normal, Asymmetry, colour variation and border irregularity. People are learning about what they should look for about their moles without even noticing.

Before starting the game you can select a skin colour for the ui of the game to be and you can also select beginner, intermediate or hard. You loose points whacking the normal moles which brings down your score.

You get points by hitting the cancerous moles. If you don’t hit the normal moles they will stay on the skin and if you successfully get all 6 to stay you’ll go up a level. At the end of the game, you’ll be notified of your score and what you got wrong, so for example if you hit a normal mole it will show you what it looks like and its character description. Whack a Mole could venture out further and become an event or fundraiser for skin cancer to check your moles no matter your skin colour, everyone can get skin cancer.

Once you’ve played the game on the app, you can learn about skin cancer in the app. It will show you content tailored to you and the type of skin you have. You can also see recent news and information in the ‘all’ category.

You can take a picture of your moles and it tells you about them and if you should see a doctor as they appear they could be cancerous. You can save your moles into albums so you remember what they look like so you will notice a change if there is one. The app is a fun, interactive way of reminding people to check their moles, no matter what skin colour they areand also raises awareness of skin cancer.

Logo & Colours

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