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I'm Shannon

a designer who’s passionate about
graphic and digital design.

My journey so far

Why I chose this career path

I was always interested in all things creative from a young age. When I was a child,  I would sew together books to make a magazine and I created doll houses and furniture out of cardboard boxes.  I wanted to be an artist when I grew up. ​In secondary school, I became interested in painting and worked in The Wild Atlantic Art shop where I learned about painting, understanding how the business worked and several other duties as a shopkeeper.

From 2013 - 2018 I received several art awards and was awarded Abbey Vocational school student of the year award for both Junior and Leaving Cert Art. This encouraged me to pursue my creativity as a career, rather than just a hobby. 

Work Experience 2021 - Current

In my 3rd year, I gained work experience with an e-learning company called Learning Pool. They were impressed with my work and hired me for full time work during the summer and freelance during my last year of college. I've worked there for a 1 year and 3 months to date.  I love user focused design that actually helps people hence why I chose to work with LearningPool.

My roles and responsibilities included:
• Learning a new design program called Adapt
• Working as part of a team on a variety of learning content projects, keeping up with communication of design managers
• Producing designs for learning content in-line with customer brand guidelines.
• Created and led design direction for customers.
• Take part in meetings to engage with colleagues and clients to understand project goals and deliver on design requirements
• Work within a project’s timelines and fast paced environment. I was required to undertake several client projects at once which demanded excellent time keeping and organisational skills.
• Providing and receiving honest feedback

University 2018 - 2022

Therefore I decided to enrol in the UAL Foundation in Art and Design  in North West Regional College, to find out which sector I wanted to specialise in. Through this course, I found my interest for Graphic Design which led me to enrol for a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) degree in Graphic & Digital Design in Atlantic University.

There I spent 3 years studying a range of skills which include: brand identity, motion, spatial design, advertising and user interface and experience design.

At this time I was also working on a major rebrand project with the Donegal rape crisis centre in Letterkenny. They required a new logo, leaflets and website. Me along with another colleague Rob, completely redesigned their brand. Michael, our web developer is currently in the process of developing the website, hence why it is still ongoing.

My roles and responsibilities included:
• Leading and working in a team
• Branding
• Web design
• Organising and time keeping
• Regular calls with the client to understand design goals and deliver requirements
• Providing and receiving honest feedback and work in a collaborative and supportive environment

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