Core message

Augmented Reality public exhibition
Dream deck of cards
Dreamscape app

How did I achieve this?

Why does this project exist?

To empower every person to embrace their dreams as a creative tool to get to know themselves.
To change peoples perspective on dreaming, celebrate the importance of our dreams and connect over it's shared common denominator between all humans.

Miro process:


Dream Deck

Understanding the deeper meaning of dreams can bring about realizations about how you feel and think, which can be beneficial for providing personal insight. The dream deck consists of 7 cards with the most common dream symbols.

Each card has a QR code that you scan on your phone where you can view the images on the card in augmented reality.

The dream deck is something you can give to a friend, peaking their interest in dream symbolism. It would also encourage a customer to download the app to learn more.

Dreamscape app

The app also has a learning feature where users can learn more about the science of our dreams.

The dreamscape app is a community of people with one common denominator: dreams. Users can record their dreams every night on the app.

The app then collects your dream data and gives you an analysis of your dreams. This can be helpful to identify common themes in your dreams and what they are trying to tell you.

Connect with other people in the community section of the app. Using the hashtags from your dreams, discover other peoples dreams similar to yours. Share your dreams with other people, you might even make a friend!

Logo & icons

The idea of the logo is a shape that doesn't make sense as its in a dream and everything is a bit skewed in a dream. It appears like it makes sense but with a closer look or when you wake up to reality, you realise it doesn't make sense like you thought in the dream.

I created the icon set to be in the same style as the logo. I wanted
something unique where I could use my full colour palette.

This image displays the packaging of the dreamdeck. The deck slips out the side of the pop out card.

Dreamscape exhibition: User scans the poster and buys the tickets. When entering they download the dreamscape app. They use the AR scanner on the app to scan the artworks.

Want to work together?

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