Donegal Rape Crisis Centre


Dongal Sexual Abuse & Rape Crisis Centre is an organisation facilitated by professionally qualified accredited psychotherapists who have undertaken additional training in order to specialise in the dynamics of sexual violence and abuse.


Old logo

We want to engage with young people and make them feel like this is the right place for them. Our main objective is to encourage them to use our services. The branding is bright, vibrant, and contemporary - in order to communicate to a younger audience.

New logo

Typography - Large 'Poppins' Bold san serif is approachable, friendly, modern and strong.

Sun icon - strength and hope

Continuation of gradient from sun icon - ties the brand messaging together. Idea being there is sunlight (strength) found in our words.

Tone of Voice - Consistent use of the word 'we' to suggest togetherness. Each statement is brave and confident. The language used aims to evoke feelings of empowerment, bravery and strength.

Examples of old website versus new

Old website (left)

New website (right)