Opening our doors of perception

Why does this project exist?
In honour of Aldous Huxley’s book ‘Doors of Perception’, this book attempts to change the perception of the future generation’s minds of LSD and work towards taking away the taboo of psychedelics.

How did I achieve this?

The book takes the reader through a journey through the eras of psychedelics and celebrates the power of Huxleys book. The book takes the reader on the highs and lows of a trip on the psychedelic mescaline, an intriguing way of reading a book, appealing to a younger audience.

Acid tabs are inserted into the book with one missing, indicating to the reader that this is the start of their acid trip through the book. The missing acid tab, appears on a random page in one of the ‘high’ chapters in the book. The contents page is measured as a graph of how high or low the trip is in chapters.

Core message
To change the perception of the reader by taking the taboo away from psychedelics and raise awareness of it's positive benefits in mental health medical practice.

Miro Process:

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