URota Business Rota App

Project Overview
I was asked by three Business students to design their app concept for a personal project of theirs. The idea they had was to make the hassle of rotas and shift management easier for everyone involved through an app.
To make an easy to use, accessible to everyone, rota app for business’s in Ireland.
Validating the problem
Having access to your work schedule, booking your days off or holidays as well as finding someone to swap work shifts can be a hassle. Managers have a lot on their plates already so it can be difficult for them to remember when people book their days off. Most businesses in Ireland print their employees rota on a piece of paper which causes problems like not knowing changes throughout the week.

Meet the team!

Gene Tuliao

Lauren McIntyre

Lyndon Ponsonby

Marketing student at Atlantic University.
Aspiring Marketer

Business student at Atlantic University.
Aspiring Human Resource Manager

Accounting student at Atlantic University.
Aspiring Financial Advisor

First Concept

The problem

Gene, Lyndon and Lauren came up with this initial concept for the app.

Immediately I saw a few problems that needed to be looked at.

They used red on the calendar to signify working days and when a request is approved. Green was days that you’ve highlighted. I found their use of red and green on the calender confusing as the semiotics of red is rejected and green is confirmed, this leaves no colour for when its approved.

When you select a day, you are brought to a new screen that gives a highlight or comment option for the manager to see.I found the excessive screens to be confusing and lot of work for a user.

The overall flow and navigation of the app was the biggest problem which needed to be solved.

Easy Request System

The solution

Employee Interface

After many discussions and research, I came up with a solution that reduced screens, made it easier to navigate and more efficient for both manager and employee.

Simply press on a day and a scroll bar will pop up with the days you're working and an option to make a request.

Red indicates the days you’re working
Green indicates an approved request
Orange indicates a pending request
Grey indicates the current day

Have access to all your fellow
employees and managers and
message them anytime. Keep
up to date with notifications.

Always Stay Connected

Employee Request

Manager Interface

Orange indicates to the manager days there has been requests made. The manager can quickly accept or deny in the scroll bar. If the manager wants to see the employees comment they just tap on the underlined request.

Create, Add, Change a Rota

The manager can simply press the plus button to create, add or change a rota.

Keep track of all your employees

The manager can see employees rotas by clicking on their profile.


Icons & Logo

Typography & colour